Matterport Cape Town

Matterport is a revolutionary 3D camera and building scanner that is changing the way homes are being viewed and sold in Cape Town’s current real estate market. Simultaneously, Matterport creates immersive, 3D virtual tours of holiday accommodation and property for rent, saving time and allowing interested individuals to enjoy a property that is presented through more than just still photographs.


This new, cutting-edge technology is improving the home buying experience for potential investors looking to buy property in Cape Town. Our skilled team use Matterport cameras to produce high quality, well aligned 3D visuals of your property’s interior, allowing your clients or potential guests to visualize the best features of any space within your home.


The Matterport Cape Town virtual reality experience presents your property to an interested party as if they were actually there, eliminating the need to visit one property after the next in search of a dream home or ideal holiday accommodation. An interactive digital walkthrough of a property consists of the entire home, from entering through the front door to climbing up stairs to the second level and getting a feel for the size of bedrooms, living rooms and hallways.


By making use of only the latest Matterport pro 2 cameras with colour enhancement technologies and high quality 4k resolution, we ensure that your property is beautifully presented through a 3D Matterport Cape Town tour. Matterport has proven to be an invaluable marketing tool that will elevate the performance of your property for rent or for sale, or even help your Airbnb property enjoy higher occupancy levels through more bookings.

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    We believe in creating a visual environment that stimulates the senses and entices the mind to see a space in a different light.