Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism and the Hospitality industry is one of the most exciting areas for Virtual Tours. Short term rental are ideal for 360 virtual tours. This is a booming industry in Cape Town, where visitors come from overseas and stay.


A major concern for anyone staying in a private villa, Hotel, B&B or Guest House is, “what’s it really like?” Clearly, Virtual Tours can answer this, because they enable holiday-makers to actually ‘be there’ and is often the reason for booking one villa against another which does not have Virtual Tours.


If two accommodation’s are similar in specification and price, but only one has the ability for the customer to tour the rooms – ask yourself which one you would be happier renting?


Ordinary photos are . . . well . . . ordinary. But imagine if people were able to take a complete tour without ever leaving their homes. Now they can! We specialize in helping you add this unique and captivating content to your website. You finally have an exciting, interactive way to display 360 degree views of any space, including real estate, hotels, B&B’s, travel and resort destinations and more!


Creating a Virtual Tour couldn’t be easier. That’s because we do everything for you. We will travel to the site, capture the images, create the panoramas, and host them for you. The file sizes are small too, which makes them perfect for delivery over typical Internet connections. People can instantly tour your location around the clock.

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    We believe in creating a visual environment that stimulates the senses and entices the mind to see a space in a different light. Our Matterport service is available in Cape Town as well as Johannesburg, South Africa