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With the number of Airbnb hosts in Cape Town consistently increasing, your online Airbnb listing needs to stand out and comprise of exceptional, professionally enhanced property photographs to succeed to its fullest potential. There is an art to capturing the essence of an Airbnb property, which is fully embraced by Virtual Tours through our Airbnb Photography Cape Town service.


When photographing your property for its Airbnb listing, our team of Virtual Tours photographers apply extensive expertise and creative skills to tell a story to potential guests. It is important that every photograph forming part of your Airbnb listing adds to your marketing objective and evokes the desired reactions, while also capturing the most attractive and important internal and external features of your property. Airbnb listings with high quality and professional photographs are proven to receive more online enquiries, a steadier stream of bookings and with that, higher returns on your investment.


Having worked extensively across South Africa’s accommodation and tourism industries, our Airbnb Photography Cape Town service will give your existing Airbnb listing the edge it needs to attract guests and engage those browsing online. A beautiful selection of property photographs can mean the difference between getting a booking or your listing going unnoticed, as holiday goers are impacted by the story that is told through the photos on your listing. By utilising the best camera and photography equipment available, as well as effective photo editing software, every Cape Town based Airbnb property that we photograph is presented in the best possible light.


At Virtual Tours, we are well versed in capturing the essence of each property from behind a camera, while our experienced team of photo editors are capable of balancing lighting, brightness and contrast to enhance every photograph forming part of your portfolio. Our 1 stop Airbnb Photography Cape Town service involves creativity and attention to detail, while we make every exception to accommodate your schedule. For the best results, we recommend booking your property photoshoot on a cloudless, sunny day, either during the day or at dusk, when the natural golden hues add a stunning and attractive quality to photos taken.

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