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Elevate the performance of your property’s online Airbnb listing with stunning, professional and well presented photographs. At Virtual Tours, we provide a highly specialised Airbnb Photography in Durban to give your Airbnb listing the edge it needs to stand out online, attracting potential holiday guests and making a great first impression. With an ever increasing number of Airbnb hosts in Durban, it is more important than ever to invest in a stunning set of Airbnb photographs.


Statistics show that Airbnb hosts earn up to 40% more on their Airbnb investments when featuring high quality, professional photos on their listing. Allow the best qualities of your Airbnb property to shine through, and engage potential guests with amazing online photographs that have been enhanced and edited by our skilled photo editing team. Having photographed properties of all sizes and types over many years, our Virtual Tours team understand the importance of proper styling, lighting and good angles, while also using the best cameras and equipment to ensure timeous and effective results, requiring as little post editing work as possible.


Our extensive experience in tourism and property photography allows our Airbnb Photography Durban service to combine creativity, passion and professionalism, presenting you with a final portfolio of photographs that will add value to your Airbnb listing and display your property at its very best. Our Virtual Tours team will show off the essence of your Airbnb property in each photograph, making it easy for first time guests to picture themselves in your home for their vacation experience. As a home owner and Airbnb host, you can look forward to a higher return on your investment, as well as more consistent online enquiries.


Depending on the location and standout features of your Airbnb apartment, home or villa, we would book your Airbnb Photography Durban shoot as either day or dusk, on a clear and sunny day. Dusk shoots create a warmer and more welcoming effect, while day shoots show off lovely entertainment and living areas by highlighting the best decor and design elements. In the event that the weather changes unexpectedly, we provide an additional photograph retouching service for the best end results.

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