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In order to generate high returns and regularly welcome new guests to your Airbnb property in Johannesburg, your property’s online listing needs to be striking, attractive and well presented. Nothing matters more than first impressions when it comes to attracting guests and securing Airbnb bookings, while research shows that Airbnb hosts with professional photos featured on their listing experience a 40% increase in earnings.


At Virtual Tours, our experienced photographers offer Airbnb Photography Johannesburg services that allow your listing to perform to its best potential. Each property that we photograph is unique, and as such requires a customised approach in order to tell a story. By showcasing photographs that engage online visitors and highlight the best interior and exterior elements of your home, guests are easily able to envision themselves on vacation in your property. Advanced camera equipment and many years of Airbnb Photography experience enables us to continually capture the most remarkable features of your property in the most visually appealing way, increasing the impact of your online Airbnb listing.


Depending on the location, surrounding assets and best qualities of your Airbnb property, we would recommend either a day or dusk photography session on a clear day, in order to capture the best photographs possible, with the least amount of post editing work. Weather changes happen, and in the event that we do not rearrange your shoot, our additional photo retouching service can ensure a final set of property photographs that are stunning. Through our Airbnb Photography service in Johannesburg, we take care to enhance or diminish features of your property’s photographs that add or take away from your final portfolio, knowing through experience what stands out.


In order to provide a comprehensive Airbnb Photography Johannesburg service, our team will work with home owners to create a setting and atmosphere that conveys their Airbnb vision through the final photographs taken. We take a less is more approach, as photographs of properties that are free of clutter tend to be more attractive and better received online, resulting in more enquiries and accommodation bookings.

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